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Rob Ferretti
Rob Ferretti started Super Speeders by himself in 2003 after getting involved with local car owners and the NY area street racing scene. The DVDs weren't the original intent and were only created as the opportunity presented itself. Back before the age of YouTube any videos that were passed around the internet were hosted and downloaded, there wasn't a lot of streaming. Car videos and forums caught Robs interest and in no time he bought a handycam and started recording his and his friends misdeeds on the highways. Having no thoughts of producing videos for a living, Rob just asked friends with company servers to host the occasional video clips for him. After a recurring problem of wild bandwidth spikes to his friends companies, the idea sparked in Robs head that if he has something people want to see that was costing money to host, there had to be a way to make money by packaging it and selling it. With no editing background, Rob took a basic editing class and edited his first creation "Life After the 1/4 Mile" which he started the website to distribute. After surprising success selling his first attempt at creating a DVD, Rob took all the proceeds from his first DVD and re-invested it into cameras, equipment, and most importantly modifications to his Corvette and the rest is history.