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  • Lap of NYC

    Enter the world of the Super Speeders, where horsepower rules and the rules of the road don't apply. Get ready for 90 minutes of edge-of-your-seat entertainment that will leave you wondering what we could possibly think of next. Watch thrill seekers smoke their tires and rip up the streets in and around New York City. You'll see 20 Ferraris take over Times Square and do burnouts on 42nd Street. Souped up sports cars will power slide their way across city streets and do donuts in a 10th Avenue intersection. Your adrenaline will pump as a Lamborghini Gallardo hits its top speed and 60 exotic cars storm up the highway to Connecticut. Buckle up as we push the limits of sanity and the pavement in NYC.



    Released 2004

    Runtime: 91 minutes

    Aspect Ratio 4:3

    Filmed in Standard Definition


    Chapter List

    1. Getting Loose

    2. LI Street Racing

    3. Time Square Takeover

    4. Two Murcielagos

    5. Running Of The Bulls

    6. Run Out East

    7. 550 vs Gallardo

    8. Supra vs Bike

    9. Fun Run

    10. Carrera GT

    11. Two Gallardos Racing

    12. Gallardo Top Speed Run


    Bonus Features

    Unedited Clips

    Night Footage


    Maria Photoshoot

    Concerned Parent

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