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  • Across America

    The Super Speeders are back with 120 minutes of high-speed, high-stakes action. Super Speeders 2: Across America takes street racing to an entirely new level. Tour the carefree lifestyle of exotic car owners from coast to coast and watch as they leave the cops in the dust and reaching for their radios. These thrill seekers unload every ounce of horsepower from their modified motors onto the highways and boulevards of Las Vegas to Los Angeles to New York City. Get ready to see things nobody else could possibly show you - from a 480 foot burnout in a $500k SLR McLaren to powersliding a $2 million Pagani Zonda race car - from the birth of an 850HP Corvette to the death of a Lamborghini Gallardo. You're about to embark on a ride you won't soon forget!



    Produced: 2005

    Run Time: 91 Minutes

    Aspect Ratio: 16:9

    Filmed in Standard Definition


    Chapter List

    1. Trip to LA

    2. Las Vegas

    3. Gallardo Crash

    4. Vette Rebuild

    5. Highway Pulls

    6. 360 Dyno Pulls

    7. Rob Gets Arrested

    8. Hamptons Rally

    9. Spider Broke

    10. Poker Run

    11. 06 Z06 vs Gallardo

    12. Running of the Bulls

    13. Soho 323 Photoshoot

    14. Ferrari Crash

    15. Drifting

    16. Sunday Drive

    17. Credits


    Bonus Features

    GSXR 1000

    **** This

    Bike Dump

    Broken Blower

    Turbo M3 vs Ferrari 360


    Stealth Plate

    Beep Beep

    Clutch Roast

    This Aint News

    DE Bloopers

    Watch for Dips in ROad

    Nascar = Loud

    Saleen S7TT

    Tracking Joes New Murci

    Noah is a Dopey Bastard

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