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  • Head to Head

    The Super Speeders crew keeps your adrenaline pumping in "Head to Head", the 4th installment of the best-selling series. Follow Rob and his 900 hp Vette out to Nevada for the Silver State Classic, a 90-mile, 200mph+ race on public roads.

    Watch a turbocharged Supra try to take out a Saleen S7 while twin-turbo 350Z tackles a V10 Lamborghini. Love the big crashes? Watch a Murcielago take out a street sign and the demise of the beloved Ford GT. Ever see a Viper crash at 203mph? You will soon...This DVD packs more horsepower than a fleet of 747s so strap in and try to keep up!



    Released 4/1/2008

    Runtime 106 minutes

    Aspect Ratio: 16:9

    Filmed in High Definition



    Chapter List

    1. Saleen S7

    2. LI Street Racing

    3. Dannys Corvette

    4. Silver State Part 1

    5. Me vs Danny

    6. Tampa Street Racing

    7. Ford GT Farewell

    8. Silver State Part 2

    9. Picking up an SL65 in Scottsdale

    10. S65 vs Murcielago

    11. Bikini Car Wash

    12. Rommel Stunting

    13. Silver State Part 3

    14. Convertible Top Race

    15. TT 350Z vs Gallardo 

    16. Noah Crashes Murci

    17. Silver State Part 4 

    18. Supra Build



    Bonus Features

    NYC LIghtning 

    Saleen S7 Troubles


    Gallardo Window Break 

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